Frequency Following Response

B Brainwave Entrainment is an incredible tool for personal improvement. By pulsing light, sound or a combination of both, we are able to use our brain’s frequency following response and align the brainwaves to the frequency of a certain beat.

Since our brains are running on all frequencies all the time, Brainwave Entrainment allows us to “program” the dominant frequency, thereby temporarily shifting our mental state.

So what does this mean to you?

By using Isochronic tones layered into the music that we use in HypnoAsana™, we are able to lower your brainwaves to theta, thereby helping you to relax, eliminate anxiety and open your unconscious mind to suggestion and positive affirmations about you. Not only will you feel better physically, you will also feel better mentally, with a more positive outlook.

“Any stable frequency evokes a cortical response. The brain synchonizes its dominant brainwave frequency with that of the external stimulus. This is called Brainwave Entrainment.”

Other states that can be stimulated

Brainwave entrainment allowing you to experience states that might be difficult for you to reach. With Isochronic tones, we are able to induce many different brainwave states:

  • meditation and relaxation
  • deep sleep
  • brain storming and self-programming
  • energy and motivation
  • healing and visualizing
  • studying and learning

Better Recovery and Deeper Relaxation

Imagine your restorative and yin yoga sessions where you are able to double your mental and physical relaxation just by listening to Isochronic tones embedded into a relaxing mood scape music. Take a look at our classes and come to find out how you can heal yourself with advanced meditative and brainwave entrainment techniques.

To your health: Michael Moore