3 Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Aligned

Since, ancient times in any dominant culture we find documentations about healers, shamans, gurus, kahunas and witch doctors who firmly believed that taking care of the inner self will effect positively the body. Healing the mind along with your body by getting rid of anger and other negative emotions is an essential step for you to be aligned.

#1: Get rid of negative emotions

Controlling our emotions for most of us seems almost impossible. Our emotions are guiding us and we accept them as uncontrollable and necessary in every situation in our lives. True, and we would be zombies if would get rid of our negative emotions.

Since, we are human beings we will always feel our emotions. However, holding onto negative emotions from our past can have disturbing negative effects on our bodies.

  • Anger: heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol (Journal of the American Medical Association 1996)
  • Sadness: weakened immune system, depression
  • Fear: excessive stress, PTSD, phobia
  • Guilt: lowered healing energy in the body
  • Hurt: cancer

“What angers us in another person is more often than not an unhealed aspect of ourselves. If we had already resolved that particular issue, we would not be irritated by its reflection back to us.”

-Simon Fuller

There are several techniques available to release all these emotions from your past. We found the most effective one would be Time Line Therapy™ (TLT™). This technique uses the Unconscious Mind (the domain of the emotions) to find the root cause of any of our negative emotions and get rid of a whole chain in about 5 minutes per emotion. Why is this important? Because, when we work with remembered events in our past, we use the Conscious Mind to resolve our negative emotions. We often hear clients say that ‘I dealt with it’, ‘it doesn’t bother me anymore’.

‘It doesn’t bother’ is not equal to ‘got rid of it’. Your Unconscious Mind definitely knows the difference and no mother what, your Unconscious Mind will always be right. Find a certified TLT™ practitioner near you and experience how fast and easy you are able to get rid of past negative emotions. Or contact us when you are ready for your experience.

#2: Focus on what you want

You might find this very similar to positive thinking, and you are about to roll your eyes and say here we go again. I might disappoint you about this important step. Since, our Unconscious Mind works with images and symbols it has a magnitude of positive effect to know what you focusing on.

There are only 6 things you can do in your mind:

  • Seeing:any images observed and imagined
  • Hearing: external voices or internal voices
  • Feeling: touching or internal feeling
  • Tasting: whatever you taste or imagine tasting
  • Smelling: whatever you smell or imagine smelling
  • Self-talk: whatever you are telling yourself

This comprise your FOCUS. Positive thinking with crappie images in your mind and hearing negative affirmations from someone close to you is out of the window. FOCUS is important. This blows positive thinking out of the water. It

Cleaning up what is in your head will give you clarity only when you are aware of your focus. Clarity is also determined by your intention and action taking ability. You might start with asking yourself questions about what you are focusing on.

When all six components aligned and you are taking action, on the subatomic level your body physically changing with what you focusing on. Read the detailed research in Lynne McTaggart’s book the Field. You will be amazed how much your focus is determining your body’s health and wellbeing.

#3: Take Action – Micro Steps in the Now

Nothing will change until you take action. In order to take action though, you have to know what you want, how and when and with whom you want it. It is good to have a dream, now, make it a goal. You make it a goal by creating actions steps. Start at the end and work backwards.

Remember, the only way you will have what you want when you take micro steps in the ‘now’. You cannot take steps in the past nor in the future. Your big focus, becomes an everyday focus in the ‘now’ based on your action steps you determined by reverse engineering your goal.

Take micro action step in the NOW!

Imagine how your body will feel when you have no more negative emotions backing up your decisions. You will find indefinite options to fuel your actions in the absence of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Your body will feel an immediate shift especially your immune system. Have a new habit of emotional cleansing with TLT™ and watch how your focus becomes clear and fuels your actions.