Hypnosis: Misconceptions & Benefits

Now, depending on who you talk to, some people will tell you that hypnosis is nothing more than fiction – something that is not possible, or that doesn’t actually exist, whereas other, slightly more open-minded individuals, will tell you that hypnosis is not only real, but that it is also extremely beneficial in the process.

Like all things in life, you will have your doubters and those that refuse to accept the possibilities of anything being real, which is often due to a lack of understanding on their part. There are however, numerous studies and pieces of evidence which all prove just how beneficial hypnosis can actually be. Before we take a look at the main benefits of hypnosis, many of which are backed up by hard scientific data, we’ll first address a few of the more common myths and misconceptions associated with it

“You use hypnosis not as a cure but as a means of establishing a favorable climate in which to learn”

Milton H. Erickson MD

Common Misconceptions

First, we will address a few common misconceptions associated with hypnosis, in an attempt to make things as clear and as black and white as we possibly can:

You Cannot Get Stuck in Hypnosis

Despite what some people may claim (with no evidence), you cannot get stuck in hypnosis, or at least, nobody ever has before. Some people may stay in trance for longer than others, and that is simply because their bodies will be so much at peace and so relaxed. If a hypnotist did indeed put somebody in trance, and then was forced to leave, the absolute worst case scenario is that the person in trance would simply fall asleep, and then wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

You Cannot Take on Somebody Else’s Mind During Hypnosis

Again, a lot of people claim that when they are hypnotized, the hypnotherapist can jump into their mind and read their thoughts. You have to know, that this is not the case at all. You will always be aware of yourself when you are hypnotized, and will therefore only remember things, that you have experienced in the past.

You Are Always in Control

People are wary of being hypnotized as they think the hypnotist will force them to reveal deep, dark secrets and private information, and again, this is not true. You are in control and you only reveal what you want to reveal. Your Unconscious Mind is a highly moral being. It will only accept suggestions that is aligned with your Values and Morals. Values and Morals that you were taught and accepted.

If hypnosis as a tool would be able to influence people against their will, it would be a very successful tool in prison. Imagine a bunch of hypnotherapist who would change mindsets of criminals with hypnosis. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. Values and Morals taught and accepted by criminals is just as strong as Values and Morals taught and accepted by those who put the criminals in prison.

We are always in control during an induced trance state. Depends on the suggestibility of a person, amnesia can occur in especially deep trances. Regardless, the Unconscious Mind will still stick to the individual’s Values and Morals even in the deepest trance.

Benefits of Hypnosis

Now that we’ve addressed some of the common misconceptions, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits associated with hypnosis:

Hypnosis Can Reduce Pain

Another proven benefit of hypnosis, is the fact that it can help to ease pain in the human body. Studies have revealed that hypnosis can significantly reduce pain associated with a number of health conditions, including cancer, arthritis, and fibromyalgia, and that in fact, the results were equally as impressive in many cases, as those experienced via pain medications.

Hypnosis Can Help Ease Nerves

Hypnosis harnesses the power of the human mind, and because of this, it has been proven to help ease nerves and anxiety. If for example, an individual is afraid of flying, or of undergoing a routine surgical procedure, studies have found that as little as just one hypnosis session beforehand, can significantly help to ease nerves and treat anxiety, helping the individual to relax more and not worry.

Hypnosis Improves Sleeping Patterns

A number of studies recently conducted, all revealed that hypnosis can improve sleeping patterns and can therefore be ideal for people who have trouble sleeping and suffering from insomnia.

You Use Hypnosis Daily

In his classic work “Hypnosis and Suggestibility”, which was published in 1943 Clark Hull at Yale University made his most important observation: “Anything that assumes trance, causes trance.” If we take Clark Hull’s fundamental principle, -which had a great influence on Dr. Milton Erickson, who is also called the father of modern hypnosis-, then the following information will completely convince you about the safety of hypnosis.

You have been using self-hypnosis during the day many times. You have entered various states of trance hundreds and thousands of times, depending on your age. We slip into trance every day in our lives, although we won’t call it hypnosis. Any form of trance is hypnosis. It can be a light trance or a very deep trance.


Daydreaming is a common form of self-hypnosis. It is sometimes a very light trance, and  sometimes it becomes a deep contemplation.

Deep Concentration (Also called The Flow)

When we concentrate deeply on anything is also a form of self-hypnosis. It can be our project at work, our television show, reading a book we inadvertently slip into trance. Performance artists, visual artists, performance athletes are all familiar with “The Flow”. While in “The Flow” their focus turns inward and all external stimuli become less important. Watching them perform in this trance is just as hypnotic. We find ourselves at awe.

Driving Your Car

Almost all of you who drives a car, will recall times where you slipped into a driving trance; sitting comfortably in your bucket seat, your eyes fixated on the passing white line on the road, and  you are passing the next traffic light, and next traffic light and then the next… and then you realize that you missed your turn a while ago.

And those of you, trance drivers whom after an exhausting work day, upon arriving home, having no recollection how the heck you got home. You are completely turned inward and willingly or unwillingly let your Unconscious Mind drive you home. Good news: your Unconscious Mind knows where you live.

You must have experienced this self-hypnotic state especially after you have just moved within the city. You find yourself half way to your old address when you pop out of your hypnotic state and change directions. “Silly me” you might say.

Sitting in Church

Almost all church events are the perfect setting to  achieve self-initiated trance especially when music is played. The eyes are fixated on a beautifully illuminated altar, usually above eye-level, especially trancy when the church is gloomy…and then the music start… soft organ music, perhaps. Your mind relaxes, along with your body even though the seating is not comfortable some people easily manage to slip into a light sleep, sometimes with their eyes open. These individuals usually experiencing a slight nudge from the left or the right.

While You Are Jogging

Exercise, like jogging which is also called “meditation in motion”. When you perform such an activity you slip into your exercise trance and all of a sudden your inner mind awakens, and the external environmental sounds or movements are becoming less important. If you are an avid jogger, you know exactly how good this trance feels especially when you are running with your headphones on

Use Your Trances Wisely

Being aware of these common and spontaneous states which we all experience daily should eliminate all your fears about using hypnosis. Use these states wisely.

Be Aware and Go Into Your Trances With Positive Intention

All environmental signals (sounds, pictures, e-motions) are slipping through your critical faculty (the wedge between reality and fantasy) and go straight into your Unconscious Mind.

Learn how to set your intention for your trance states. Why not utilize these precious moments to teach your mind to filter information from your environment? You will be able to filter information that benefit you. Any hypnotherapist will be able to tell you how specifically you can set your filters. I highly recommend that you visit a workshop or a private session about hypnosis. It will teach you how to build rapport with your Unconscious Mind.

Self-empowerment Through Trance

What if you would be able to control what should go into your Unconscious Mind and what has no place in it whatsoever? Your above trance experiences can be utilized for self-empowerment.

Everyone, who is thriving for becoming self-empowered ought to know how trance work, and how our masterful Unconscious Mind can be influenced. Start this simple journey with curiosity and joy in your heart. The Unconscious Mind controls 95% of your behavior. Doesn’t he/she deserves to be known, understood and respected?

Anita Saldana

HypnAsana Restorative & Yin Yoga Class

We developed our HypnoAsana™ yoga classes with a specific intention and purpose. You will be able to utilize theta trance (induced by Isochronic tones) for healing and health. Your mind will be guided by you and will be constantly reminded to focus on self-awareness while you are practicing deep stretches.

You are going to be in rapport with yoga teacher Stephanie Jensen, who will guide you through the poses with specific positive intention of your well-being, health and healing. This make HypnoAsana™ a very special yoga session. Being in tune (in rapport) with your yoga instructor is a very important part of your experience, because her internal state will reflect upon you, and yours on Stephanie. It is a constant dynamic fluctuation of energy flow in time-space, which will influence your state and well-being for the session.

Why it is important? Because only a self-aware and self-empowered yoga instructor will achieve maximum results in a your HypnoAsana™ session. Stephanie is completely and fully believes and holds you capable to heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. We call this pure intention. Being in trance around a person like her, increases your self-healing potential  exponentially.

To take the “New Age Fluff” out of my above statement about Stephanie Jensen yoga instructor, here is an interesting scientific research that was done by the Mid-American Heart Institute also known as the MAHI Study.

The MAHI Study

The MAHI Study suggests that healing through intention is possible for every on of us. Those who are experienced or naturally talented to tap into the “The Field” (Zero Point Field, Collective Consciousness etc.), are considered natural healers. Studies of the nature of ‘healing energy’ concluded the presence of photon emission and electromagnetic fields during intentional healing sessions. Healing energy with precision measuring devices is measurable.  Dr. Elisabeth Targ and Dr. William Braud study’s suggests that intention on its own heals.

The study also suggests that there may be a “collective force” a “collective memory of healing spirit” which can be tapped and used for healing. This “collective force” is available to all of us to use. As the MAHI research suggest tapping into the “collective force”, with clear intention we are able to heal and influence healing of others. -Read about the study here: ‘The Field’ by Lynne McTaggart. Book published 2008-

Come and experience our HypnoAsana™ Restorative or Yin Yoga Class with Stephanie Jensen. Class schedule is available here.