There Is No Such Thing As Hypnosis

The Unconscious Mind is magical and the more I study hypnosis the more I believe that either everything I do must be under hypnosis, or there is no such thing as hypnosis at all. To me it is truly paradoxical.

Every behavior that we produce is coming from our Unconscious Mind and it is based on what we have learned from the past up until now. What you believe right now about hypnosis is a belief of yours. A belief based on what you have read, seen or heard about hypnosis. Whether you want it or not your Unconscious Mind has an influence on you what you believe about hypnosis.

You are under the influence of your beliefs about hypnosis. Being under the influence of this belief -positive or negative- is a form of trance. That means, that every single belief you have is a trance. If this is true, that everything that assumes trance causes trance, than there is no such thing as hypnosis. Everything we do is based on our beliefs; therefore we are in constant trance. Happy trance, money problem trance, bad girlfriend finding trance, no boyfriend finding trance, being angry at work trance etc.

We hypnotize ourselves every single moment. Most likely this is the reason why when my clients are lightly hypnotized they are asking me when are we going to start with the hypnosis session? I see the surprised wide eyes when I say ‘we already started’. I hear my clients say all the time ‘I don’t feel hypnotized’.

Being hypnotized; therefore, is a normal and natural state for us. What a beautiful concept!

“When you change how you look at things, things you look at change.”  -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Simple example: driving.  Believing the median keeps you safe and separated from the traffic left and right causes you to be in trance. You have to believe that everyone around you believe in the same rules in order to function on the road as a driver. If this belief, this hallucination wouldn’t take place on our part, we would never dare to drive in traffic. You and I have to be honest with ourselves; in order to drive in traffic, we must share the same beliefs. We have to believe and trust everyone around us in order to flow with the traffic.

Your Focus in Trance

You are in trance while driving your vehicle.  Your focus is to drive safely from A to B. You are actively acting on this belief. You are so much in trance sometimes that you miss your exit, or miss your turn.

So, next time you will be asked have you ever been hypnotized, you can answer yes. You are self-hypnotizing yourself daily with all kinds of beliefs. It is nice to have a hypnosis session once in a while with a professional in order to choose your trances beneficial to you. Get what you want from your trances with a simple hypnotherapy session. Start with something simple like:

  • Hypnosis for relaxation
  • Hypnosis for motivation
  • Hypnosis for happy thoughts

Recent studies about hypnosis show how easily we can change our view on the world. Read about studies done for the effectiveness of hypnosis in this article here. Keep in mind: the mind body connection is still an enigma, although it is undeniable that it exists. However, science cannot deny the effect of the mind on our body. We learn so fast, and all learning and un-learning is unconscious.

Wouldn’t worth it for you to know about what is going on the unconscious level? Why not choose consciously your trances you want to be in? Hypnosis done by a certified professional can create magnificent changes in your life. As Dr. Bruce Lipton says: you have to decide what you want to believe in, or you take on someone else’s beliefs. Either way you choose. Anita Saldana© 2015

“In considering the wonders of how the Unconscious Mind works, we continually bump up against the question of What is real? this is strictly a questions of the Conscious Mind, because at the Unconscious level, nothing is ‘real’.”

-Tad James MS PhD, Hypnosis a Comprehensive Guide