What is HypnoAsana®?

A number of schools have blossomed since the traditional Hindu ascetic and spiritual discipline of yoga became popular in the West in the 1960s. Three examples include the gentle Hatha, the specific Ashtanga and the more rigorous and demanding Bikram Yoga.

HypnoAsana® has its roots in a separate tradition, one that harnesses the power of the mind to assist the body’s healing process. The discipline combines Restorative Yoga (a form that seeks to give mental, physical and emotional relaxation) with hypnotic suggestion to give adherents a powerful, yet gentle and nurturing healing of the mind and body.

This works through brain entrainment, using isochronic tones and binaural beats, in combination with traditional asana yoga stretches and postures, as a means to restore the body and boost the mind’s restorative powers.

How is HypnoAsana® different?

HypnoAsana® takes its inspiration from the work of Dr. Deepak Chopra who clearly demonstrated the mind and body yoga connection in 1989. However, it differs from other contemporary yoga styles in a number of important ways. The form concentrates on holding yoga poses for a period of time rather than moving quickly from one to another as in other schools.

HypnoAsana® also uses tones and beats to help the mind relax, allowing the body to assume more depth in the postures.

As a result, this form of Restorative Yoga is a far more mellow experience than other forms. The muscles are given the opportunity to relax deeply and the emphasis is on slowing down, relaxing and releasing the mind and body’s recuperative powers.

The result is a reflective, relaxing technique designed to enhance the healing process rather than the athletic, even acrobatic, yoga poses demanded by some yoga disciplines.

How can you benefit from HypnoAsana®?

Practicing HypnoAsana® yoga can have a number of benefits for a wide range of people. However, our target clientele is people needing help recovering from excessive stress or injury to the mind or body. Many of our clients who find the most benefit in our techniques are those who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, or need assistance in recovering from surgery, injury, and illness.

We at HypnoAsana® strongly believe that the gentle synthesis of Restorative Yoga and Hypnosis will help in the healing process and assist you to recover your health. Our background music will calm your mind giving you space to relax easily and effortlessly. The pre-recorded positive suggestions will have a profound effect on your wellbeing.

As a result, you will feel calmer and more coordinated in our Restorative Yoga sessions, allowing you to relax even deeper with each stretch.

This is achieved by positive suggestion. The human brain produces a natural meditative and suggestible state at 6.5 Hz, creating an ideal environment for healing. Our recordings will encourage you to reach this state through the positive suggestions embedded in the music. Each session that you attend will help towards speeding up the healing and stress release process.

Who we are:

Anita Saldana: Hypnotherapy & NLP Trainer,

Stephanie Jensen: Restorative Yoga instructor/HypnoAsana® Master Trainer

Our practitioners are experienced, qualified and highly respected in the field of Restorative Yoga and Hypnotherapy. We offer introductory classes and workshops for those interested in learning about HypnoAsana and also provide regular and private classes.

We also have special Training Certifications available, should you wish to become an instructor in Restorative Yoga.

Interested in how HypnoAsana can help you recover and restore your health? Like to find out the difference between this healing-focused discipline and other forms of yoga? Join us as we take Restorative Yoga to a new level.

For more information, please contact us at HypnoAsana®.