Why pursue training in HypnoAsana® Yoga?

HypnoAsana® Teacher’s Training

By adding Certified HypnoAsana® Yoga Teacher to your portfolio, you will be uniquely positioned in the yoga market as both a restorative yoga instructor and an alternative health practitioner. The hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming foundation that you’ll be given will help you develop excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills with which to improve clients’ yogic experiences and overall mental state. The ability to offer accelerated healing and improved wellness makes HypnoAsana® extremely attractive and preferable to conventional yoga to a large demographic.

What does the course consist of?

HypnoAsana™ Teacher Training is available to previously certified restorative yoga instructors. As such, the course will not spend time reviewing yoga positions with which you’ll already be familiar. Rather, you will be introduced to an extensive range of communication skills and learn how to influence and increase the healing power of the conscious and unconscious mind. By using isochronic tones/binaural beats and linguistically designed positive suggestions delivered through trance and hypnosis, you’ll learn how to unlock the therapeutic potential of combining restorative yoga poses and an individual’s innate resources.

Training consists of an intensive 2-day course, made up of 16 classroom hours and 4 hours of reading assignments. It focuses on the following topics:


  • The common misconceptions about hypnosis
  • The latest and most fascinating facts on the science of neurobiology, brain plasticity and the zero-point field in the context of healing
  • The conscious use of language for health and well-being
  • The incredible and measurable healing power of intention


  • How to establish instant rapport and its importance
  • How to facilitate change and reduce impediments to change
  • How to provide clients with lifelong skill sets for healing and better health
  • How sound waves can alter different states of consciousness
  • How to use positive suggestive language

This comprehensive curriculum was designed by HypnoAsana® creators Anita Saldana, Mike Moore and Stephanie Jensen. Avoiding flashy ‘new-age’ platitudes and stereotypes, the straightforward curriculum teaches attendees how to integrate up-to-date scientific ideas of mind-body connection into existing restorative yoga practices. Drawing upon their own experience as well as knowledge from leading innovators of the field in neuroscience, Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnosis and in restorative yoga, they have successfully put together a course that will immediately allow you to teach your own well-sequenced and stimulating classes.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a beautifully framed certificate, as well as your FREE first year’s membership to the HypnoAsana® Association.

The HypnoAsana® Teacher Training course is priced at $900. This includes the two days of training as well as provided learning materials. Contact us now for more information!