Harnessing the Power of Restorative Yoga

Orthodox Newtonian physics breaks down at sub-atomic level and “spooky actions” (as Einstein called it) occur there that are explained only by the relatively new science of quantum mechanics. Traditional physics has been unable to account for the changes observed at the spaces between the tiniest particles of our Universe.

Indeed, far from empty, this space is a cauldron of sub-atomic particles colliding and passing back and forth measurable amounts of energy. HypnoAsana™ is grounded in this new approach to physics, based on the fact that there is no such thing as “empty space”.

As respected thinkers such as Deepak Chopra have shown, the same can be said for the connection between mind, body and spirit. Many controlled studies in consciousness research have proved that the unified theories of an all-inclusive universe are correct: We cannot escape the fact that we are all connected.

When someone is in pain, they affect people and events around them in a negative way. By using HypnoAsana’s™ restorative techniques, we help our clients rid themselves of pain and heal more quickly.

However by helping to heal the microcosm that is the pain, we also affect in a positive way the broader sphere. The more people are able to rid themselves of pain, the more positive their influence on those around them. Those whose lives we touch with HA will experience a significant positive change in their quality of life along with the people with whom they come in contact.

The effect can be likened to sending a positive ripple onto the fabric of time-space.

Using the tools of hypnosis, Isochronic tones and linguistically designed positive affirmations, we induce the mind to allow the body to enter a level of deep level of relaxation. The body is then able to enter the asana stretches — the traditional yoga postures — with less discomfort, paving the way for the mental and physical healing process to begin.

Harnessing the power of the mind using hypnosis induced by Isochronic tones and binaural beats also engages the spirit, increasing self-awareness and self-esteem.

Our HypnoAsana™ methods teach a blend of traditional asana yoga and hypnotism through classes, workshops and one-on-one sessions. Our workshop design is a comfortable and extremely relaxing delivery mechanism established to achieve this calm, collective state of consciousness using the tools of hypnosis, Isochronic tones and linguistically designed positive affirmations.

HypnoAsana™ can have enormous benefits for all ages and circumstances however we specialize in those people who are currently in pain, are elderly or disabled or recovering from an illness or injury or stress-related disorder.

Interested in finding out more about how our vision to deliver a better, pain-free life can help you? How can we help you make a difference? Contact us now for more information about our workshops and classes.