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There is No Such Thing As Hypnosis


There Is No Such Thing As Hypnosis The Unconscious Mind is magical and the more I study hypnosis the more I believe that either everything I do must be under hypnosis, or there is no such thing

There is No Such Thing As Hypnosis2017-09-15T11:30:38-07:00

3 ways to keep your mind and body aligned


3 Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Aligned Since, ancient times in any dominant culture we find documentations about healers, shamans, gurus, kahunas and witch doctors who firmly believed that taking care of the

3 ways to keep your mind and body aligned2017-09-15T11:30:42-07:00

Hypnosis: Misconceptions and Benefits


Hypnosis: Misconceptions & Benefits Now, depending on who you talk to, some people will tell you that hypnosis is nothing more than fiction – something that is not possible, or that doesn’t actually exist, whereas

Hypnosis: Misconceptions and Benefits2017-09-15T11:30:44-07:00

Peek Performance


I was flipping through the available sport performance enhancement coaching websites in the Las Vegas. I realized that performance coaches are featuring their talents in physical performance improvement and don’t put emphasis on their athletes’ mental

Peek Performance2017-09-15T11:30:46-07:00

A lack of sleep making you put on weight?


Sleep More-Weigh Less Our sleep duration is indirectly proportional with the obesity increase in our society. Although, we are all unique human beings with unique needs, the fact that we don’t sleep as much as we

A lack of sleep making you put on weight?2017-09-15T11:30:47-07:00

Stimulate Your Brain with Light and Sound


Frequency Following Response B Brainwave Entrainment is an incredible tool for personal improvement. By pulsing light, sound or a combination of both, we are able to use our brain's frequency following response and align the brainwaves

Stimulate Your Brain with Light and Sound2017-09-15T11:30:49-07:00